About Us

Netherton Optometrists

We pride ourselves on giving excellent personal service. Our patients are individuals, not numbers. We use the latest technology when we examine your eyes – a thorough exam can reassure you about your eye and general health. We have invested in modern technology such as the OCT 3D retinal scanner and Corneal topographer to further assess the eyes from the front to the back. We have a wide range of spectacle frames for all ages, styles and occupations, and we are happy to take as long as you need to find the frame that suits you and your lifestyle, and which you feel comfortable in.

In addition, we are the 1st independent prescribing practice in Huddersfield which means if you require medication for an eye ailment this can be prescribed and managed by us. Our assessments for children and vision therapy go way beyond a conventional eye test so if glasses don’t solve the issue, we can carry out further tests including visual stress exams. Being an independent practice we have a wide range of contact lenses for almost any prescription, so if you want contact lenses but have been told you are not suitable, we can often create a tailor-made solution for you. Our latest technology is in Orthokeratology which is a revolutionary change to typical contact lenses. It is a custom made lens that you sleep in and on awakening you remove. Your vision will remain clear throughout the day due to the effects of the lens overnight. For a specialist approach to eyecare choose Souten and Agyemang optometrist.

We have a strong approach to personalised patient care and love to go the extra mile in all aspects of eye-related, whether this is a clinical or visual correction. Services that can be found delivered from the practice are:

  • Eye exams (NHS and Private)
  • Full range of Glasses and lens options
  • 3D OCT scans of eyes
  • Contact lenses including specialist contact lenses
  • Orthokeratology
  • Any eye problems can be seen
  • Foreign body removals
  • Dry eye clinics including syringing and punctum plug occlusion
  • Prescribing medicines for eye-related problems
  • Home visits
  • Behavioural Optometry including overlay assessment and colourimetry for visual stress and dyslexia
  • Low vision aids

About Irfan

Irfan is an independent specialist optometrist and owner of Souten and Agyemang optometrist. He has vast experience working in many optical settings including the high street opticians, other independent opticians and working in hospital ophthalmology clinics. These experiences are now delivered from the practice making this a unique practice in its own right.

As well as being an experienced specialist optometrist Irfan holds a specialist qualification in glaucoma and in independent prescriber. Irfan has spent 5 years running hospital glaucoma clinics seeing a variety of glaucoma patients. This includes diagnosing, managing, prescribing treatments and following up on glaucoma patients autonomously.

Independent prescribing is a rare qualification and allows a wider range of healthcare benefits. This includes diagnosing and treating patients with prescription-only medicines that can be prescribed for a vast range of common and uncommon conditions without the need to be seen at the hospital.

There is only a small percentage of registered optometrists that hold these specialist qualifications UK wide.

Irfan currently works 1 day a week at Bradford Royal Infirmary in eye casualty where his skill set is kept up to date with the rest of his time at Souten and Agyemang optometrist.