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Today’s new technologies mean that contact lenses are more comfortable than ever before. Even the most sensitive eyes find them much softer and easier to wear.

Recent advances also mean modern contact lenses are suitable for nearly all types of prescription, including bifocals and if you have astigmatism.

Which type of lens is best for you will come down to a matter of preference and lifestyle. We will be happy to advise you

Many of our patients have switched to contact lenses almost completely, others stick with their spectacles and wear lenses for certain sports, work or hobbies and some simply use them for special occasions.

Basically, you wear them your way, whatever suits you.

They are particularly convenient with active sports, for those conscious of their look in traditional spectacles, or just off to a special occasion such as a wedding.

Even children appreciate the advantages of contact lenses and enjoying a happier and less restricted lifestyle than with traditional spectacles alone.