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We all naturally make tears, which coat the eye surface each time we blink. But what happens when it stops working effectively?

Your eye lids feel crusty, you struggle to open your eyes each morning and even a good rub doesn’t help. Familiar? Over half of us suffer with discomfort, dryness or blurred vision.

Dry eye progressively worsens with age. We are finding much younger patients concentrating on their electronic devices forget to blink enough and a slower blink rate means the natural tear film does not get replenished frequently enough.

A few reasons where dry eye can be exacerbated are with certain medications, contact lens wear, air conditioning and dusty environments.

Your eyes are like a car windscreen and your lids like the wipers – every time you blink, they ‘clean the screen’, but if your washer bottle is empty – you are not making enough natural tears and need a top up.

If you feel your eyes are uncomfortable, call us and ask about our dry eye clinic.