Meet the Team

Irfan Uddin


Irfan is an independent prescriber specialist optometrist and owner of Souten and Agyemang optometrist. He has vast experience working in many optical settings including the high street opticians, other independent opticians and working in hospital ophthalmology clinics. These experiences are now delivered from the practice making this a unique practice in its own right.

As well as being an experienced specialist optometrist Irfan holds a specialist qualification in glaucoma and in independent prescriber. Irfan has spent 5 years running hospital glaucoma clinics seeing a variety of glaucoma patients. This includes diagnosing, managing, prescribing treatments and following up on glaucoma patients autonomously.

Independent prescribing is a rare qualification and allows a wider range of healthcare benefits. This includes diagnosing and treating patients with prescription-only medicines that can be prescribed for a vast range of common and uncommon conditions without the need to be seen at the hospital.

There is only a small percentage of registered optometrists that hold these specialist qualifications UK wide.

Irfan currently works 1 day a week at Bradford Royal Infirmary in eye casualty where his skill set is kept up to date with the rest of his time at Souten and Agyemang optometrist.